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Montessori GPS
Full Curriculum
$930 plus GST
Individual Curriculum
Areas available

What is Montessori GPS?

Montessori GPS consists of six individual albums to cover the fundamental lessons of the Montessori Early Years curriculum.

The albums cover the curriculum areas of;

  • Infant/Toddler

  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Maths

  • Literacy

  • Culture

Each album provides the fundamental scope and sequence of the curriculum area and contains a set of detailed lesson plans. For each material/lesson you will find;

  • The purpose(s), points of interest and control of error of the material,

  • An outline of a suggested presentation,

  • Links between the material/lesson and the EYLF Learning Outcomes,

  • Indicators of progress and mastery to prove Assessment for Learning (a practice of the EYLF),

  • Suggestions for variations and extension activities,

  • Ideas for parents to try at home to support their child in this learning area.

The "Montessori & the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)" set is a detailed document focusing on highlighting connections between the Early Years Learning Framework for early childhood services and the Montessori approach.

The 'Montessori & the EYLF' document delves into each of the Principles, Practices and Outcomes (including the 'sub-headings' of these outcomes).

All of these factors are explored in this document, which looks at how the Montessori methodology and philosophy connects with each of these EYLF expectations. 

The "Montessori & the National Quality Standards" set is a series of documents focusing on highlighting connections between the National Quality Standards (NQS) for early childhood services and the Montessori approach.

Each Quality Area is broken down into standards and elements, with examples of what an assessor might "observe", "discuss" and "sight" as evidence of the Montessori approach or applications of these principles. The categories of "observe", "discuss" and "sight" are included to reflect the nature of an assessment visit, in which the assessor will use these three strategies to evaluate the operation of an early childhood service. The assessor will observe the classroom setting, engage in discussions with staff members and sight documented evidence.

After exploring the listed examples of how the Montessori philosophy and methodology apply in each element your individual service can contribute additional examples from your own centre to differentiate your unique application and solidify your confidence about how to demonstrate your commitment to the EYLF or NQS within the framework of your Montessori principles.

Montessori & EYLF Guide $45
Montessori & NQS Guide $75
Montessori & NQS/ EYLF 
Policies & Procedures

Policy development can be one of the most burdensome (and least energising!) aspects of centre management. There is no need for you to 'reinvent the wheel' - capitalise on our many decades of policy development and review!

Price packages TBD​
Approximately $20 per document for template only
Approximately $50 per document for tailored development
Approximately $1000 for annual review package
Price packages TBD
Please include a brief outline of your documentation needs in your enquiry.
Written Resources By Request

Let us help to articulate your ideas!

We can work with you to create a range of bespoke documentation for your centre including;

  • Parent Education Articles

  • Staff Training materials / information sheets

  • Mission Statements

  • Service Philosophy

  • Quality Improvement Plans

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