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From 'Exceeding' to 'Excellent'

If you'd like to apply for 'Excellent', but you're not sure how, we will help you identify your strengths, gather evidence and write your submission.

We have a 100% success rate with our own eligible centres achieving the 'Excellent Rating'. Let us share our secrets with you!

The process of applying for Excellent can seem overwhelming at first, but it is absolutely worth it and we can help you through it!

The Excellent Rating brings validation to the pride of your employers, increases the positive reputation of your centre and expands your reach across the early childhood community. It is not just about the final 'product' - whether or not you achieve the rating the process itself still helps to consolidate your vision and values as a centre and to celebrate the efforts of your team and community!

We are experiencing in all stages of the Excellent Application process - from identifying your strengths to writing or developing an initial application to completing the live discussions required for approval to renewing the rating after the 3 year standard period.

Are you ready to celebrate and share your excellent practices?
Package prices TBD
We will tailor a support package, and price, according to the unique needs and requirements of your centre.
View the video we developed for our first ever Excellent Rating application:
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